Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Attract miracle in your live

Saya dapat email dari Joe Vitale sebagai berikut:

I want to ask you seven brief questions
that will reveal your ability to attract
miracles in your life.

And it doesn't matter what you want.

It could be having more money, a better body,
a cure for an illness, finding your soulmate,
buying a dream home, taking a tropical vacation,
or anything else.

All of this is possible.

Let's get started.

Imagine something you want to attract in your
life, and answer the following questions in the
order they're presented:

1. Do you believe that miracles exist?

2. Have you experienced a miracle at some time in
your life?

3. Are you envious when others attract miracles?

4. Do you understand that if others can attract
miracles ­you can too?

5. Do you believe that with the proper mindset
you can attract miracles?

6. Do you already know of a specific miracle you
want to attract?

7. Are you ready to take action and do whatever
it takes to attract what you want into your life?

If you answered, "YES" to two or more of those
questions, you definitely have the mindset it
takes to attract miracles in your life.

You just have to take what I call Inspired Action
and learn a proven system that works consistently,
year after year, for me and countless others.

In fact, once you learn this process - it never
stops working for you.

And it's taught step-by-step in my Miracles
Coaching Program.

Before we discuss the Miracles Coaching

Jadi intinya dia jualan linkd ini

Kalo ada pembaca yang terratik silahkan aja...

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